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WebStation is a full-service digital agency. We meet or exceed all of our client’s expectations.


Our Services

Our technology solutions can help your organization improve workflow, build stronger relationships with your customers, and empower your employees with data to make insight-driven business decisions to increase your sales revenues. These are some of the most common design and technical solutions we can customize to your business needs.


WebStation can quickly design, prototype and deliver a fully-functional Web Application after discussing your business requirements with you.


To save money, we prototype apps on one platform first. When the final app is ready, we spec and build out all remaining platforms.


WebStation has a proven process that results in engaging brands and positive outcomes for our clients. To review, see our previous work


We are very experienced in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), multiple ad platforms, email campaign design and revenue generating techniques.

Completed Projects

The founders of WebStation have multiple references from some well-known clients. Below are some select engagements to provide a better understanding of our capabilities.

About WebStation

What We Do

With over 55 years of combined design and technology experience, the WebStation team can successfully deliver small to enterprise scale technology solutions. We immerse ourselves in your business to understand what technology solutions your business requires to grow and thrive whether we are designing your brand, developing your new website, a mobile app, digital product, or future Internet of Things (IoT) idea.

Who We Are

WebStation is a highly efficient and resourceful digital agency, digital product development lab, and intellectual property incubator. We use an extensive network of highly specialized customer experience designers, graphic designers, software/hardware developers and engineers to provide you with the best business solutions available!

Why Choose Us

WebStation has completed complex technology projects for startups to multi-national corporations. Our team’s core skillsets include Branding, User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience Management (CEM), Graphics, Audio/Video Design, Internet of Things (IoT), Animation, Digital Marketing, Web & Mobile Apps, IoT, SOA, Web Hosting, and Intellectual Property Development. We’ve built our reputation on delivering beyond our client’s expectations, and our business has primarily grown from client referrals.

Meet Our Founders

Davit Taylor - CEO, WebStation - IoT, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Graphics, Video and Audio Production and Branding

David Taylor

Founder / CEO

David is the CEO of WebStation and has worked with clients throughout North America, South America, Europe, and the Caribbean. He fulfills a pivotal role in understanding client needs and business strategy, developing business relationships and ensuring delivery of our technology solutions.

David Taylor's LinkedIn Profile

David Taylor on LinkedIn

Duane Nickull - CTO, WebStation - IoT, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Graphics, Video and Audio Production and Branding

Duane Nickull

CTO, Architect

Duane is a highly respected veteran of multiple technologies from A to Z (or AI to ZAML). He leads the product development, intellectual property development and technical teams at WebStation. He also co-developed many technology standards, particularly related to Web Services.

Duane Nickull's LinkedIn Profile - IoT, Websites, Web Apps, Mobile, SOA

Duane Nickull on LinkedIn

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We IT projects, from basic one hour consulting gigs to full scale large-scale project management. No matter what your budget is, please contact us and we will help. It's what we do best!

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